Free pair of MustLove Studs with all purchases over $45!
Free pair of MustLove Studs with all purchases over $45!
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About US

We’re sisters and we’re makers. We believe in the power of creativity, we love colour, cactus and all things quirky. We care about community and connection. 

We’re obsessed with creating and after many years of doing our individual creative thing, we’ve recently joined forces to become #MUSTLOVE. 

We're inspired by women who have found their unique voice and live bold and courageous lives.

We're on a mission @MUSTLOVE to live our best lives and do our creative thing full time, and we want to help you do the same.   

We understand that life can be busy and stressful. There's lots of stuff that we can't control in our world and this can contribute to the feeling of being overwhelmed.  We believe that tapping into our creativity can be a great stress reliever. Justina Blakeney says 'I believe creativity and good vibes can save the world' and we couldn't agree more!

Creativity gives us the space/time that's just for us, a space to slow down and explore possibilities. Creativity can be fun, inspiring, meditative, and sometimes, even a bit therapeutic. Our aim is to combine creativity and psychology so that you get to be the best version of you.

Our motto (which we borrowed from writer, Glennon Doyle) is 'We Can Do Hard Things'.  It gives us permission to soldier on even when things get tough and our head starts to get in the way. 

What we offer:

We make bold, colourful handmade artwares including drawings/paintings/earrings/woven wall art and our signature polymer clay HAPPY minipot.

We offer kids and adult creative workshops.

We offer group and individual programs.

We'd love you to come with us on our #mustlove journey. Follow us on instagram @mustxlove for creative inspiration and @mustxloveyou for mindset matters.

Merryn and Lauren